Abigail Stauffer

Flint Folk Music Society Concert | Unitarian Universalist Church, Flint, MI
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Abigail Stauffer

Abigail was a hit at the 2017 Flint Folk Music Festival. So we had to bring her back for her own concert. This is it. Don’t miss it.

“Folk siren Abigail Stauffer turns the language of acoustic, pop, and neo-soul music into an irresistible invitation to heal and be healed. Every song is a captivating showcase of confidence and vulnerability, crafting a balance of pain, hope, and joy.

Her music and live performances evoke so much emotion, it’s hard to believe each song isn’t specifically about you. Finally, an artist who writes about the things that really matter; Abigail will warm your heart and serenade your soul.” – abigailstauffer.com

“Tall, with wide-set eyes and a cascading mane of dreadlocks, Stauffer is a visually powerful presence onstage. Her vocals fluctuate between a commanding, declarative lower register revealing a bit of bluesy influence and a breathy, somewhat trembly upper register that recalls Joni Mitchell. Stauffer knows how to use both elements to drive home her emotional, personal lyrics. Her delivery never seems calculated; Stauffer seems to sincerely feel every line she sings.” – Patrick Dunn, Ann Arbor Observer

“Stauffer brings rich, dark, ringing vocals to her folksy acoustic sound. Her songs explore identity and inner power.”
– Kim Batchelor, Michigan Daily

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Admission: $15 at the door