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Mustard’s Retreat

It all began in 1975 …
Mustard’s Retreat formed in May 1975 in Ann Arbor, MI. Libby Glover was a bartender in the rathskeller of the old Heidelberg Restaurant. One evening a young singer came in and auditioned. The boss said to Libby “What do you think??” She said “He is raw, but hire him!” His name was David Tamulevich.
David had been doing some singing with Michael Hough, a fellow musician and cook at the same restaurant, but

Michael was busy playing bass for another singer. David had the gig at the Heidelberg for 2 months when Michael’s other gig came to an end, so David suggested that Michael audition at the Old Heidelberg which he did and got the job. Over the next 2 months David would come and sit in with Michael, and then Libby would come up to sing … and their popularity grew. By the middle of May 1975 they were playing together all the time, and decided to formalize things … and Mustard’s Retreat was born.

They played together for a couple of years before Libby moved out of state. Michael and David kept going as Mustard’s Retreat, and had decades of success. Libby would pop in every once in a while when she got back to MI and sing with them.

In the summer of 2019, Michael took a hiatus from the band to be with his partner who is battling cancer and has relocated to Arizona. They all agreed that David & Libby should continue to perform as Mustard’s Retreat. As sorry they are that Michael cannot perform with them, David & Libby are very excited about singing as a duo again. “We really have not done this since early 1975,” David says. “ We are totally enjoying the singing and putting shows together: some old songs, some new ones…it is all a joy!”

“Mustard’s Retreat played to an enthusiastic crowd at the Indy Folk Series. David Tamulevich and Libby Glover charmed everyone with their songs and stories. Fine guitar picking, coupled with beautiful harmonies, carried the evening. Libby shined with her a cappella songs and unique poems, she commands the stage. We had great comments about them from the audience, a tribute to their talent.”

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General Admission: $15